Cat Ellington’s review of Watching You: A Thrilling Short Story

Watching You Watching You by Gemma Halliday

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Crafitily written and surprisingly gripping, Gemma Halliday’s Watching You is thirty-two pages of intriguing, alluring, and captivating suspense that throws the reader one helluva curveball!

Set in a hot and humid San Francisco, the swiftly-paced plot swelters in a sauna of vengeance, obsession, voyeurism, and jealousy — surrounded by perfectly constructed cedar wood walls of deception, hatred . . . and murder.

One of the most fascinating novellas that mine eyes have ever enjoyed the pleasure of reading, Watching You is a movielike narrative that I would highly recommend to those readers in the literary community who fancy the enrapturing effects of dark, arousing, and wholly dramatic apprehension. Loved it!

Five peeping Tom stars.

• It is my kindly pleasure to thank Halliday Publishing for the complimentary copy of this fine and wonderfully fulfilling work of fiction.

Congratulations, Gemma!

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Author: Cat Ellington

Aside from her life as a public figure with dual careers in entertainment as a multi-genre songwriter/composer in the music industry, and as a casting director of feature films in the motion picture industry, Cat Ellington also moonlights in the art world as a professional art model, and in the field of literature as an author of expressive poetry. In her private life, on the other hand, Cat Ellington, founder of the blog 'Reviews by Cat Ellington', is an impassioned bookworm who loves to both read and review novels of literary fiction and nonfiction--hence her adored leisure as an artistic member of the two social cataloging sites, Goodreads and NetGalley. A creative habitant in the film industry, Cat Ellington, just as much a zealous movie buff as she is a bookworm, also contributes her insightful film reviews and ratings to the online social networking service, Letterboxd, as well as to the online databases, IMDb and TMDb, where she is featured both professionally, and in general profile.

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