Cat Ellington’s review of White Christmas (A Live To Tell Short Story)

White Christmas (A Live To Tell Short Story)White Christmas by Bianca Sloane

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Prominent Gold Coast Doctor Charged
In Grisly Murder Of Mistress

By Cat Ellington | December 25, 2017 11:42pm

CHICAGO — Dr. Charles Morgan, a well-known and highly respected cardiologist with a successful medical practice on the city’s ritzy Gold Coast, has been arrested and charged with murder in the brutal stabbing death of Tamra Washington, a local cocktail waitress and the married doctor’s alleged mistress.

It is believed that Washington, who was in her twenties, had been romantically involved with the wealthy, forty-something Morgan for quite some time prior to her death.

Authorities discovered the butchered remains of Tamra Washington in the bedroom of her Uptown apartment on the city’s North Side, as well as evidence of her intimate, extramarital affiliation with Dr. Morgan, a resident of the posh suburb of Winnetka.

Dr. Charles Morgan, who Chicago police say is their only suspect in the crime, has been arrested and charged with Washington’s murder, and is now in jail awaiting arraignment.
(Cat Ellington contributing –

The WASPs.

It’s Christmastime and Dr. Charles Morgan, a denizen of the ostentatiously rich exurb of Winnetka, a respectably revered mastermind in the astonishing branch of cardiological medicine, a hated husband, and a descendant of centuries-old wealth (or old money, if you will) belonging to his elitist pedigree—the powerful Morgan family of the tony Chicago suburb of Lake Forest—is sitting in prison, charged with murdering his beloved mistress, an African American cocktail waitress named Tamra Washington. And nearly every living member of his blond-haired, blue-eyed bloodline is convinced that Charles is guilty as sin and has dreadfully shamed the Morgan family’s “good—no, great—name.”

His ornery and judgmental father Clayton Morgan, his Chardonnay guzzling and judgmental mother Celia Morgan, his uptight cousin C.K. “I’ll go wherever the winds blows” Morgan, and even his eldest son Chase (the Louis Winthorpe III of the Live To Tell 3-part Series) all believe that Charles is a merciless murderer . . . a disgrace . . . and a menace. Charles’s actions, according to his contemptible parents, are an outrage. And they together have all but disowned him. Only his loyal sister Charlotte stands assured of her brother’s innocence. And Charlotte’s husband Rex has been given no choice other than to side with his wife.

This is the heated topic under discussion at Fairmore—the palatial childhood home of one Dr. Charles Morgan—according to one Jillian Vaughn Morgan, his scorned and humiliated “ice queen” of a wife—whom, by the way, narrates this spiritually arctic suspense novella in the first person.

As the gilded Morgan clan are congregated together at the family estate in the wake of attending Christmas Eve services at their respective church St. James, Jillian plays her part well in the presence of her equally acidic in-laws. Not even one suspects that they’ve a cold-blooded rattler in their midst. But they do. And much like themselves her hair is too the shade of gold, and her eyes are too the hue of a wintry blue.

In this, the second installment of Bianca Sloane’s Live To Tell trilogy, Jillian Vaugn Morgan continues her embittered and chilling witness to the reader of just how she set out to destroy the perfectly privileged life of her husband by framing him for the heinous murder of his own mistress whom he unapologetically loved, even moreso than he did her.

What were the actual events that occurred during the time frame of her husband’s incarceration? What happened at the opulent Winnetka dwellings of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Morgan on Christmas day after Jillian returned home only to find Charles—released on bail—awaiting her? There were any number of unanswered questions following Live To Tell. And here, a remarkably frigid Jillian Vaughn Morgan casually provides the reader with a savage play-by-play eerily reminiscsent of Investigation Discovery.

Immensely recommended, White Christmas (A Live To Tell Short Story) is nothing less than what I have come to expect from the phenomenally gifted Bianca Sloane. Blessed with astounding literary wisdom, the ingenious novelist is more than worthy of the praise being heaped upon her—both personally and professionally—as hers is a fascinating ability in relation to the unrivaled craft of writing.

A perfect between meal snack to tide over those present-day and would-be fans of the hugely suspenseful Live To Tell trilogy, White Christmas (A Live To Tell Short Story) is keenly articulate in discourse, and reads in less than forty-five minutes.

It is in a spirit of colossal jubilation that I anticipate the conclusion of Live To Tell and White Christmas with the release of Tell Me A Lie, as I am almost certain that the narrative will effortlessly uphold its own, and render a greater esteem to its attributable author in the dexterous Ms. Sloane.

Five Christmas tree topper stars.

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