About Cat Ellington

Aside from her life as a public figure with dual careers in entertainment as a multi-genre songwriter/composer in the music industry, and as a casting director of feature films in the motion picture industry, Cat Ellington also moonlights in the art world as a professional art model, and in the field of literature as an author of expressive poetry.

As published book reviewer, Cat Ellington—who has personally penned hundreds of literary analyses—is both the founder and operator of the literature blog, Reviews by Cat Ellington (RCE), and an artistic member of the social cataloging sites: Goodreads, NetGalley, and First to Read.

Moreover, in the film industry, Cat Ellington—just as much a zealous movie buff as she is a bookworm—also supplies her insightful film reviews and ratings to the online movie social networking service, Letterboxd, as well as to the databases, IMDb and TMDb, where she is profiled both professionally and in general as a contributor.

• All analysis is featured courtesy of Reviews by Cat Ellington: https://catellingtonblog.wordpress.com

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