Blog Establishment

Home of the multi-tiered and categorically diverse Cat Ellington book analysis collection, Reviews by Cat Ellington, founded in January of 2017, is a sophisticated literature blog that was specifically designed to produce the expansive assemblage of my personally constructed book reviews.

Thirty-eight years in the making, the entire body of my literary analysis all began with my very first written review of Judy Blume’s now world famous YA opus, Tiger Eyes. And to date, the said review, along with hundreds of others which would succeed it, are now published for public viewing here at Reviews by Cat Ellington, respectively.

In addition to the multitude of book reviews, this location also features a few of my book clubs and other third party site links that source my public literature (in poetry), my public quotes, and the famous databases where my public industry credentials and contributions are exhibited, both professionally and in general profile.

A more detailed page for Reviews by Cat Ellington (RCE)—which includes sections listing my many literary acknowledgements—has been integrated at the Boutique Domain, the award-winning primary location for all (creative) things Cat Ellington:

— Cat Ellington